Welcome to the contact page: here you can find all the ways to write to us if you want to contribute to the project or simply make remarks about it.

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    Why contribute to Acabar ?

    Acabar is a collaborative project, it lives thanks to everyone’s contributions. Sharing experiences allows everyone, whatever their situation, to learn about social movements around the world.


    What does it mean to collaborate in Acabar ?

    All you need is motivation and the desire to share your ideas or experience with citizens of the world.

    All collaborations are welcome. But here are some ideas :

    • If you live or have lived through a large-scale social movement in the country where you live in recent years, you can share your testimony.
    • If you are part of a revolutionary or anti-oppression activist group, you can share your commitment.
    • If you have artistic skills (photos, videos, drawing, music…), you can share your work freely.
    • If you speak a language fluently, you can propose a translation of the site or a part of it.
    • If you have web development skills, your help is welcome.
    • Finally, if you have any ideas or remarks, don’t hesitate !