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Acabar's Manifesto

Dictatorship or instability? Freedom or security? Hunger or inequality? Quiet life or righteous life? These choices imposed by the ruling elites are the numerous demonstrations of the politics of the lesser evil. A good citizen must respect the laws, because they have been decided by all, and for the common good. A good citizen must accept this system, because this system is the only one that will never work.
But what would happen if the system, the laws, the powers were only ways to stifle the true aspirations for good? Lies and fabrications to cover the oppression, the domination of a few men over humanity, on Earth? Our system has succeeded in making people classify evil, leading them to believe that they decide, and that we cannot live in good. This policy requires us all to deny our vision of good, and to choose evil according to our own interests. The resignation and selfishness of this oppressed humanity, the cause and consequence of a domination of the overwhelming upper class and a permanent repression, have become the norms of the system, have become freedom, the only freedom to express our vision at least worse. But if the worst has its variations, the evil remains constant.
Despite this standardization of behaviour, a handful of individuals still resist this policy of the lesser evil. They are what our society calls the “radicals”, the “utopians”. Pacifists or using force, these people are the sacrifices of our time, trying to spread the good in a system that accepts only the least worse. In reality, these women and men are not necessarily more courageous or more altruistic, but simply not blinded by current standards. We can ask ourselves whether others, the majority of humanity, are aware of what surrounds them, whether they voluntarily close their eyes, whether they accept, or whether this resignation is a forced resignation, an inevitable formatting for most of us? ‘Radical’: which has a decisive effect on the root causes of a phenomenon. This definition of a term overused in the analyses of militant movements leads us to wonder if the acceptance of certain politically correct struggles to the detriment of radical struggles would result from a hypocrisy, people would be aware? Acceptable fights are those that cannot profoundly change the course of things, and therefore profoundly useless. This seems like an infantile logic, why did the system tolerate individuals questioning its principle? But the system is indeed largely made up of individuals paying with their lives to make those of some, chosen from birth, of a disconcerting ease. Why do people accept a logic that disadvantage almost all of humanity, human and animal dignity, the health of the Earth? Why do they despise their fellow men fighting for justice and freedom?
And here is the real victory of the system, the real victory of this society: to have succeeded in passing a desire for good as an attitude of capricious kid, and resignation as a passage to adulthood. But don’t we say the truth comes out of children’s mouths?
ACABAR: “End it” (spanish). Because it’s a matter of ending the time of injustice, loneliness and resignation. Because ending it means fighting to feel alive in the face of the monster power. Because ending it also means starting again, together, to speak differently, to reflect again and to build a world and a humanity without hate and without shame. Revolution and rebirth: all these times mingle. Every life, every story, every word counts in the eternal struggle for the diversity of paths. Since our main strength is our ideas that bloom but never fade, since all their uniformed guys will never be as united as a people of the world who stand together in the face of oppression, the human will triumph. When the mass give us a step back on our incoherent survival, when it gives us the distance and the strength to take the momentum and send the shots back, that will change. This when came. We are all this when. Together, we are this time that we hope to see happen. Link the struggles, break down the barriers they’ve raised to protect their system and arm our ideas. Since knowledge is the first weapon, let’s share our stories.