From January 2 to January 10, 2022, the Kazakh people rose up against the increase in the price of gas and fuel. They demanded social justice and the establishment of a real democratic regime.
Hello everyone !
     I am a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I want to appeal to all people who are not indifferent. The whole world should know the truth about the dictators of Kazakhstan.
     My beloved country, my beloved people, pure and happy, innocents should not suffer any longer, as they have been doing for 30 years.
We are a country of poor and unhappy people.
Today it is very difficult for the people of Kazakhstan. We try to help each other as much as we can. We help political prisoners, their families, families of those killed in the January events.
Why did civilians participate into a peaceful protest ?
Because they are tired of living in this unfair life, cruel life that has been going on for 30 years under the regime of Nazarbayev. 
     The average salary of a citizen is $ 140-150 per month, this salary is not enough for anything. Everyone in Kazakhstan is drowning in debt. They don’t have enough money for bread or water. 
     Our country has never been democratic. We have never elected our president, akim, deputies. We have no voice and no rights. We live in a dictatorial country ruled by fascists, murderers. Wherever you look, corruption is everywhere. There is unemployment in the country. The police, the judge and the military are working against their people. Since there are no jobs, people have to deal drugs, traffic people, and engage in prostitution. The police protects them. It is not possible for us to hold peaceful rallies, meetings, create any political party, everything is prohibited. If a peaceful citizen goes out to protest, he will be seized and put in jail and hang articles. After the January events, people became very fearful. They are afraid to go outside just to take a walk. If you go out and walk now, you may be taken away and brought to torture or accused of terrorism that never existed.
     Tokaev and Nazarbaev are murderers, fascists of their people. How many people were killed ? How many children ? This was a genocide of Kazakh people.
The most cruel decision of Mr. Tokaev is to shoot without warning everyone.
Mr. Putin, the ODKB, the National Security Committee, the military Kz, Nazarbayev’s special secret detachments are also to blame.
A month has passed since these terrible events. But dictators do not stop torturing and killing civilians. Over 1000 killed, over 1000 injured, over 1000 tortured, 1000 disappeared !
Many people just disappeared into nowhere and no one knows where they are.
They detain everyone who participated in peaceful rallies, or did not participate, take away wounded people from hospitals, torture, rape, take away underage guys from an orphanage, what terrorists did of them, who died during the shots and are dead.
Those who have evidence of photos and videos about the rallies are taken away from their phones and put in jail.
Dictators do everything possible to destroy all evidence and avoid punishment.
     The actions of Tokayev and Nazarbayev gave us a real cruel reality.
We are the people of Kazakhstan going to the abyss, we are not protected. But these events made us understand that if we remain silent this time, we will never be free and happy and will never leave a better future for our children. We must understand who died for us, for our homeland they did not die in vain, they left us freedom. After all, the word Kazakh from translation into Kazakh means freedom.
     We Kazakhs are ready to fight to the end for our honor and glory. Now we have only one goal to be united and stick together.
     We want the entire state to resign.
     We want and we wil create a Parliamentary Republic.
     People are power !                 
     We call on the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada to impose personal sanctions on Nursultan Nazarbayev and members of his family (Timur Kulibayev, Dariga Nazarbayeva, First Deputy Head of the National Security Committee Samat Abish, Kairat Satybaldy), Minister of Internal Affairs Yerlan Turgumbayev, General Prosecutor Gizat Nurdauletov, Head of Ministry of Defense Bektanov Murat for gross human rights violations, shootings, brutal torture of peaceful Kazakhstani citizens and corruption.
Irene Ahmetova, Kazakh citizen